Dubai Expo 2020

Fri, 1 Oct 2021 – Thu, 31 Mar 2022

Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

About us

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Kenya is the Kenyan Government Ministry which oversees the foreign relations of Kenya.

The Ministry was established in 1963 after Kenya’s independence. Since independence, Kenyan foreign policy has been designed and guided by the principles of peaceful co-existence, preservation of National Security, peaceful settlement of disputes, non-interference in the internal affairs of other states, non-alignment, National Interest and adherence to the Charters of the United Nations and African Union.

A Service Charter, based on the current Strategic Plan and the Foreign Policy document, has been developed to guide the operations of the Foreign Ministry so that the Ministry could successfully implement its core mandate and functions. The Strategic Plan sets out what the Ministry is and what it does.

a peaceful, prosperous and globally competitive Kenya.


To project, promote and protect Kenya’s interests and image globally through innovative diplomacy, and contribute towards a just, peaceful and equitable world


Core Values

  • Customer focus: We shall treat our customers with courtesy, respect and promptness.
  • Patriotism: Our staff shall exercise loyalty and uphold allegiance to the Republic of Kenya at all times.
  • Team spirit: We shall promote teamwork to enhance service delivery. The Ministry will further inculcate a sense of shared and collective responsibility for the execution of the Ministry’s mandate.
  • Professionalism: Our members of staff shall exercise high level of professional competence and confidentiality in all their work.
  • Ethics and Integrity: We will embrace transparency and accountability in all operations of the Ministry.
  • Equity and fairness: We shall promote justice, impartiality and diversity in all our dealings.


Functions of the Ministry

  • Management of Kenya’s Foreign Policy.
  • Coordinates Regional Peace Initiatives.
  • Ratification/Accession to Depository and Custodian of all International Treaties, Agreements and Conventions where Kenya is a party.
  • Promotion of Nairobi as a Hub for Multilateral Diplomacy.
  • Lobbying for Kenya Candidature in International Governance System.
  • Negotiation and Conclusion of Headquarters and Host Country Agreements with International Organizations and Agencies.
  • Oversight over Attaches.
  • Liaison with International and Regional Organizations.
  • Management of Kenya’s Missions and Embassies Abroad.
  • Liaison with Foreign Missions in Kenya.
  • Administration of Diplomatic Privileges and Immunities.
  • Coordination of State and Official Visits.
  • Handling of Protocol Matters.
  • Provision of Consular Services.
  • Management of Joint Commissions with other Countries.
  • Management of Bilateral and Multilateral Relations.
  • Official Communications on Foreign Affairs and Global Issues.
  • Facilitation of Kenya’s Migrant Labour.
  • Facilitation of Kenya’s Diaspora Issues.





  1. Addis Ababa
  2. Abuja
  3. Accra
  4. Algiers
  5. Bujumbura
  6. Cairo
  7. Dakar
  8. Dar-es-Salaam
  9. Djibouti
  10. Gaborone
  11. Harare
  12. Juba
  13. Kampala
  14. Khartoum
  15. Kigali
  16. Kinshasa
  17. Luanda
  18. Lusaka
  19. Mission to UNEP
  20. Mission to UNON
  21. Mogadishu
  22. Pretoria
  23. Windhoek



  1. Bangkok
  2. Beijing
  3. Canberra
  4. Kuala Lumpur
  5. New Delhi
  6. Seoul
  7. Tokyo



  1. Brasilia
  2. Havana
  3. Los Angeles
  4. New York
  5. Ottawa
  6. Washington



  1. Brussels
  2. Berlin
  3. Bern
  4. Dublin
  5. Geneva
  6. Hague
  7. London
  8. Madrid
  9. Moscow
  10. Paris
  11. Rome
  12. Stockholm
  13. UNESCO
  14. Vienna



  1. Abu Dhabi
  2. Ankara
  3. Doha
  4. Dubai
  5. Islamabad
  6. Kuwait
  7. Muscat
  8. Riyadh
  9. Tehran
  10. Tel Aviv

Our role at the Expo

As a Ministry some of the pillars of Kenya’s Foreign Policy are Diaspora, Environmental, and Economic and Cultural diplomacy, grounded and predominantly focused on our diaspora, environment, culture and trade. The Ministry uses these tools of foreign policy to meet the domestic development goals as set out in the Kenya Vision 2030 and the sustainable development goals.


During the Expo, the Ministry will continue to advance this, by using the opportunity to continue to engage with our diaspora to harness them in implementing the National Diaspora Policy, promote Kenya’s aspirations in the areas of culture and environment. Through the Economic pillar create liaison to increase capital inflows to the country, expand access to established markets, seek to enter new and emerging markets in order to take advantage of the trade and investment opportunities available as well as focus on export promotion and marketing of Kenyan products.


The Ministry will therefore be at the forefront to partner with the private sector and institutions by providing relevant and timely information about available opportunities and will be actively involved in targeted promotion and branding campaigns to market Kenyan products and culture through our Mission in Abu Dhabi and Consulate General in Dubai to ensure a successful Expo 2020. As the Ministry’s Mission indicates we will be ensuring the projection, promotion and protection of Kenya’s interests and image at the Expo.

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