Dubai Expo 2020

Fri, 1 Oct 2021 – Thu, 31 Mar 2022



There are numerous opportunities for you to participate, collaborate or plug in to Kenya at Expo2020 activities

Kenya has lined up a robust business program aimed at positioning the country and attracting  Trade, investment and Tourism opportunities

  1. The Expo 2020 Thematic Business Forums

These are organized by the Expo2020 in partnership with  Dubai Chamber of Commerce and correspond to thematic weeks. There are 10 thematic weeks at Expo2020 and where a thematic business forum has been organized during each theme week. Kenya intends to  participate  in these forums by either co-curating  the event, proposing speakers, submitting case studies, doing presentations, moderating or being part of a Kenya panel discussion. Click here to register your interest in participating at these forums

  1. Global Business Forum (GBF) on  Africa

Kenya will be participating at this event organised by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce. This is a high-level dialogue between UAE and African countries that seeks to explore potential ties and nurture co-operation for mutual growth. The event is scheduled to take place from 13th-14th October at the Dubai Exhibition Centre and will host an exclusive invite-only VIP audience. Under the theme Transformation through Trade the event will cover the following elements 1. Key notes, panel discussions, country/regional side sessions 2. Business networking  and matchmaking an opportunity to exhibit under the Kenya House during the event. Click here to register your interest to participate at the event.

  1. High level Economic Forum (Trade, Invest, Tourism and Country Promotion

Kenya plans to organize a high-level business forum 0n17th February 2022. This  will be the highlight and the apex of Kenya’s participation in the    Expo2020. Dubai. It will be mix of engagements and shall consolidate agreed areas in the antecedent activities..

  • Business Matching opportunities.
  • Projecting Kenya as the Investment Destination/hub within the AfCFTA
  • High level G2G;G2B;B2B and B2G interfaces:
  • Business matching to attract and bond business relations

Meet and engage with High level business influencers, policy shapers and opinion shapers from the Gulf Cooperation Council States. For more details email: [email protected]

  1. Kenya Mini Business Forums

Kenya has organized a series of mini business forums aligned to the theme weeks. The objective is to leverage  the opportunity to pitch our trade, tourism and investment opportunities to a captive audience already visiting the expo to look out for opportunities around the theme week. You can participate by  either co-curating  the business forum, Speaking at the forum, present a case studies, or being part of a panel discussion. Click here to register your interest in participating at the mini business forums.

  1. Showcase, network, chat and engage with business visitors on the expo2020 b2b app

This is an online business matchmaking platform for you to meet, connect and do business with relevant businesses from across the world.  The App will bring together business stakeholders from all over the world for impactful B2B, B2G and G2G connections and  will be available for download on IOS, Android and Desktop in the coming months.  Email Esther Maina [email protected] for additional details about this opportunity.

Meet your next generation of buyers/customers at the Kenya exhibitions organised within and outside the Expo2020 grounds Click here for additional details and registration

  1. Present the below information on a new landing page


The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency in collaboration with other Government Agencies and the private sector is organizing Kenya’s participation at the Expo Dubai 2020. This is a World Expo to be hosted by Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, from 1 October 2021 31 March 2022. The Expo 2020 Dubai has a World Market Initiative (WMI) Programme where participating Countries have been allocated a Kiosk measuring 3 x 3 sqm to showcase and sell products during the 6-month period of the event. However, the space provided in the Kiosk is not sufficient to accommodate all interested private sector companies from Kenya that are keen to showcase, sell products and secure export contracts and deals during the Expo 2020 Dubai.

It is for this reason that the Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency (KEPROBA) has identified alternative spaces within and outside the Expo 2020 grounds to establish Kenya Houses or Kenya pavilion exhibition spaces for use by the private sector to showcase and promote authentic Kenyan products and services including investment and tourism opportunities.


To provide a platform for the Kenya private and public sector institutions to showcase, launch and promote trade, tourism and investment opportunities.

  • To deepen and increase penetration of Kenya’s products into the UAE and the wider Gulf Corporation Council – GCC market
  • To position Kenya as the source of high-quality trade, tourism and investment products.

Why participate:

  • Opportunity to access the 25 million potential buyers and investors that will be visiting the Expo 2020 Dubai during the six months period of the event
  • Opportunity to launch, penetrate and deepen your companies and institutions presence in the UAE and GCC markets with goods and services.
  • Opportunity for more visibility and exposure of your goods and services in the UAE, the wider GCC market including the 192 countries that have confirmed participation at the Expo

 Participation Framework:

Participants will be required to meet the cost for the exhibition space, including expenses tied to travel, accommodation, subsistence, and upkeep of personnel in Dubai.

Product Categories

  • Beverages-Coffee, Tea
  • Horticulture- Flowers, Fruits and Vegetables
  • Meat and Meat Products,
  • Fish and fish products
  • Textile/Apparel
  • Other Value added/Manufactured products
  • Innovations,
  • Services
  • Tourism products/Experiences
  • Investment Opportunities

Application Deadline: 30th June 2021

DUBAI EXHIBITION CENTRE (DEC)-The Dubai Exhibition Centre (DEC) is a state-of-the-art multipurpose venue, which offers world-class hospitality services and a transformative atmosphere. DEC will support you in connecting and networking with Expo 2020’s exciting mix of world leaders, countries, educational institutions, businesses, innovators, thinkers and artists.

Location: Expo2020 Dubai Site

Distance: 300m from the heart of the Expo 2020 Dubai site.

Costs – TBC

There are numerous outdoor spaces within the Expo Site being offered free of charge that Kenya can leverage on. We are inviting individuals/Companies/Organisations who wish to host consumer-oriented  outdoor events during the expo to submit proposals. These could range from cultural, music performances, fashion shows, concerts bespoke events that will  create a memorable experience for visitors to the expo and position Kenya positively in the minds of consumers.


Click here to register your interest in hosting an event/Performing  at Expo2020 Dubai

Kenya will be participating in the Expo2020 Sustainability programme where we intend to position the country through the program by Signing of the Plastic Pledge, Calculate the carbon footprint of Kenya’s pavilion and Participate in seeds of change by nominating a carbon offset project in Kenya that has both social and environmental benefits. We hereby invite you to nominate a certified carbon offset project in Kenya  or International Organisation that has both social and environmental benefits. For more details about the program email [email protected]

Kenya will be participating in the gender-related conversation and events during the expo. Identify opportunities to organize gender-related events during the expo.  Provide an overview of the national strategies on gender equality during the national day For details of how you can be involved email [email protected]

These are conversation forums where thought provoking discussions on the world’s biggest challenges and prospects for a better future will take place. You can participate by either co-curating the sessions or being a speaker at the event. Email [email protected] for additional details about this opportunity

Are you looking for enhanced visibility and generating leads for your business under the Kenya programming at Expo2020 Dubai?  Click here to learn more about the partnership/sponsorship opportunities for Kenya at Expo2020 Dubai(Present the sponsorship packages in a separate   landing page

Exhibition Dates:

Costs – TBC

The Kenya Export Promotion and Branding Agency is currently organising Kenya’s Participation at Expo 2020 Dubai, UAE. The Expo team has developed a B2B App, an online business matchmaking platform that can be accessed through a mobile app or a desktop web browser. The App’s goal is to facilitate B2B and B2G connections via a unique AI (Artificial Intelligence)-powered technology that provides for targeted engagements through business matchmaking. Participants will get to conveniently and cost effectively
•Showcase their businesses,
•Connect and network with international buyers, and
•Schedule meetings.
To enlist your business and learn more about the B2B App, kindly contact [email protected]

Kenya has confirmed participation at the World Exposition 2020 Dubai, to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, from 1st October 2021 to 31st March 2022.District 2020, located in Dubai, is the permanent master development which was identified to host the Expo 2020 Dubai event for six (6) months.  District 2020 is driven by an ecosystem strategy which includes several platforms that provide innovative businesses with the opportunity to be part of a fully enabled, connected and sustainable ecosystem. District 2020 will be a global innovation ecosystem and mixed-use community. It will directly contribute to the growth of Dubai’s innovation economy and attract the largest organisations, budding young enterprises, and families to live and work. A place to Connect. Create. Innovate.One of District 2020’s programmes is the “Scale2Dubai Programme” which is essentially Expo 2020’s Legacy Project – District 2020’s Global Entrepreneurship Programme.The programme will offer successful applicants (startups and small businesses), with a proven track record in their countries, an opportunity to scale to Dubai and be a part of District 2020’s innovative ecosystem.Some of the programme benefits are as follows:

• 2 years free workspace
• 2 years visa
• 2 years subsidized urban living
• Business setup
• Access to special rates for service providers
• Calendar of social and networking events etc.
We are seeking to recruit SMEs aligned to District 2020’s key industries and technologies as follows:
• Travel & Tourism
• Education
• Logistics & Transport
• Real estate & Construction
• Internet of things
• Big data
• Artificial intelligence
• Blockchain
• Accelerators & incubators
• Co-working spaces
• Research & education
• Venture capital
To apply for this programme kindly ….download… fill and send the application form to Lynda Koske; [email protected]

Why Participate

You can participate in this auspicious event in different ways